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The Information On This Website Is In Part Provided By ADAM-12 Producer, TOM WILLIAMS
Director: DENNIS DONNELLY - Script Supervisor: CYNNIE TROUP - LAPD Dispatcher: SHAARON SNEAD - Wardrobe: GIL LOE


ADAM-12 Locations: NOW & THEN Part 2
continue our journey of ADAM-12 locations
'Now & Then' filmed in the Los Angeles area.



Welcome to - Dedicated to fans of the television series ADAM-12.

ADAM-12 was a spin-off of the successful DRAGNET series, created, produced and Starring Jack Webb and his Mark VII Production Company in association with Universal Studios Television and MCA Incorporated. Jack Webb's authentic portrayal of the LAPD police procedures on ADAM-12 is still credited and used in Police Academy Training Films throughout the world.
Adam-12 aired on the NBC Television Network from 1968 to 1975, Starring Martin Milner as Officer Pete Malloy and Kent McCord as Officer Jim Reed. The show aired in various time slots, always highly rated throughout its run on NBC.
Early characters prior to the Adam-12 series were actors Kent McCord (originally appearing in Jack Webb's 'Dragnet' series and credited by his birth name, Kent McWhirter) and William Boyett as Sgt. MacDonald (and as other officers) in early
episodes. What most people don't know is that Adam-12 almost didn't survive after the first season. NBC gave Jack Webb an ultimatum - keep Dragnet or Adam-12. Not both. Webb chose wisely and kept Adam-12 on the air, which proved to be his most successful television production.

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The Man Behind ADAM-12: Jack Webb
America learned what it meant to be a cop

John Rudolph "Jack" Webb became fascinated by the intricate, behind-the-scenes details of police investigations while working on the 1948 film-noir He Walked by Night. The movie was based on a real-life murder case, and Webb was cast as a crime lab technician. The quasi-documentary style of the film gave him an idea for a police drama series with a similar feel. With the cooperation of Chief William H. Parker of the LAPD, he created Dragnet and its protagonist, Sergeant Joe Friday.  

Jack Webb was born on April 2, 1920 in Santa Monica, California. His big break came when Dragnet was first broadcast on radio in 1949, then would run till 1954. Webb portrayed Sgt. Joe Friday as a no-nonsense detective, who didn’t mince words. The television version of Dragnet began in 1952 with Ben Alexander cast as Detective Frank Smith, concurrently with the radio version till 1954, when the radio series ended. The televised version would remain on the air till 1959. There was a radio or television version of Dragnet being heard or seen for ten continuous years. Jack had a great love, respect and appreciation for police work and always tried to portray the LAPD in a positive, authentic manner.

At the height of “Dragnet’s” popularity, people would actually call the LAPD wanting to

speak to Webb’s character, Sgt. Joe Friday. The Department eventually came up with a stock answer to the large volume of calls: “Sorry, it’s Joe’s day off.

Webb created Adam-12 in 1967 while he was working on Dragnet and made sure that the equipment and procedures on Adam-12 were as true to life as possible. Webb simply recited a litany of consecutive numbers ("Adam 1, Adam 2, Adam 3"ť etc.) until he decided that "Adam-12" had just the right sound.
If not for Webb, there would be no Adam-12. The show was his brainchild and he even sacrificed his Dragnet series so Adam-12 could stay on the air. Adam-12 would air for seven seasons from 1968-1975 on NBC.

Jack Webb was working on a third television version of Dragnet with Kent McCord from Adam-12 lined up to be his partner when he suddenly died of a massive heart attack at the age of 62. Chief Daryl Gates of the Los Angeles Police Department retired Badge 714 after his death and Mayor Tom Bradley ordered all flags to be flown at half-mast in his honor. He would be buried with a replica of his Badge 714.


Jack Webb's Production Company,  Mark VII Limited.

The production logo depicted a pair of grimy, sweaty hands working on a silver sheet of metal, holding a stamp in place and hitting it twice (and, in later years, once) with a hammer. From 1954 to 1977, a drum roll sounded. When the hands and tools pull away, a "VII" is seen imprinted on the metal. Above the Roman numeral in white is the word "MARK," and below "LIMITED."

The hands were later revealed to be those of Jack Webb himself. There are several different variations of this logo.

The History Of Mark VII Limited Hammer Logos


Adam-12 and Dragnet are the ONLY series honored to use genuine LAPD badges during filming of the show. Jack Webb was buried with full LAPD Honors, and his Sergeant's badge was retired. It is the only badge in the history of LAPD, issued and given to a civilian. Jack Webb's wallet, LAPD picture ID and Badge #714 pictured above is displayed at The Los Angeles Police Academy.


Webb displaying his real LAPD badge with then LAPD Chief William Parker (1950-1966) On the set of Adam-12: Jack Webb, LAPD Sergeant Dan Cooke and R.A. Cinader




'Being A Cop' Speech

with Kent McCord as Officer Paul Culver
Watch Jack Webb deliver the famous speech about the trials and tribulations of being a police officer to a
rookie undercover officer suspected of robbing a liquor store. It is one of the most famous of Joe Friday's
speeches and Kent McCord's first of many appearances on Dragnet before Adam-12.



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